Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Nothing like coming home from Paradise and finding this....

So it has been two weeks since I last posted. This summer has been super busy for me! I just got back from a 9 day annual stay in Mexico with my family, and before that I was just getting ready to go. So you can understand why I have not been there. Also due to the length of my break I have a ton of updates!

So while in my paradise of choice I was able to think long and hard about what I want to be when I grow up. I am tired of not having my college degree. I really want something that I can fall back onto if need be. So I thought and thought and I cme to the conclusion that I would love to be a nutrisionalst. I have come to discover that since being diginosed with PCOS and Endo, I have read what seems like every diet medical book I could get my hands on; trying to figure out what would benfit me and get me the goals I desire. So I am going to help myself with that goal and others by getting my degree and certificate in Diet and Nutrition. I am so excited to share my knowledge  that I will be learning.

I wish I meant pregnancy test wise, but no- I mean ovulation test. Its true I saw two lines! ME! I know it sounds weird to get excited over this, but the last time I saw two lines was when I was given   drugs to help with it. It is so relieving to see that I am ovulating on my own naturally! It makes me feel as though all my hard work is paying off. It was so hard this last week to abstain from sugar. My family and I would start to play games and the Chips Ahoy would break out. It seemed as though I was constantly tempted. I made it through and now I am so glad I did! I am still in shock one faint little line has made my day!

Now this surprised me so much! Imagine going on a cruise and when it was done losing weight. It feels near impossible since you are always surrounded by food. Since I didn't partake in sugar, I swam every day, had more energy to play with all the kids that were there and now I feel great! In two weeks I will show my updated picture.

So that is really it. I am super excited about all the changes that are going on and I can't wait to apply everything! Tomorrow I have an ultra sound last time when I went I only had one cyst and I am hoping for the same results tomorrow as well.
Quote of the day:

"I have reflected repeatedly upon the phrase 'the tender mercies of the Lord.' Through personal study, observation, pondering, and prayer, I believe I have come to better understand that the Lord's tender mercies are the very personal and individualized blessings, strength, protection, assurances, guidance, loving-kindnesses, consolation, support, and spiritual gifts which we receive from and because of and through the Lord Jesus Christ. Truly, the Lord suits 'his mercies according to the conditions of the children of men' (D&C 46:15)."


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