Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Well today was day one. How did I do you ask? Well considering that I gained weight this weekend I didn't do as well as I would have liked. I started Tuesday because whenever I start the begining of the week with something it alwas fades out... so this time I did something a little different I let my week begin before I started. I have also decied that I am going to weigh myself once a week no more no less I can't worry about the scale every single morning if you catch my drift. I am also going to take my measurements once a week as well, you know just for fun. {You lose inches faster then pounds so it always a good pick me up!}

As the eating part of plan went; today I didn't do very well at all! once the ice cream crossed my mind I was lost. What I want to do is to eat 1500 calories a day and today I ate 1790 ugh... almost three hundred over. At least tomorrow I can start over.

I did however discover a nice little gem, I don't know if you have heard about but it is called excersie.tv it has free work outs on it, and let me tell you they can kick some major tushie! They are 10-50mins long. I like it rhis site because I get bored really easy and with this I can do three 10min work outs at night and yoga on my wii in the morning. For right now it is like my perfect ying to my yang.

It has been nice to do things for my family as well, today I took Megs out for some mommy daughter time. It was nice to spend some time with my little one. She is getting so old so fast, can you belive I am already getting mailers for kindergarten...yikes!!! When I took Megs out Marks got to snooze which is always nice, I feel like we never get enough sleep!

Ohh and then Mark did the sweetest thing and let me go grocery shoping by myself...oh man sometimes it feels good to have that alone time!!!! So all in all today was a good day.

On the baby front nothing really new I think this new journey to being healthy really holds the key to becoming a fertile person again and if not then at least I won't get the "look of death" from my new doctor for being too big...

Until tomorrow, Love


Oh yeah and don't forget to laugh it helps you out when you relize you ate a small meal in candy.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

On my Own.....

So here I am I am not attached to any doctor, and even if I was I can not afford it . This past weekend I had a reasoning session with myself in front of a full length mirror, all I can say is yikes!!! I have let myself go!!! I know the hormones couldn't have helped and things but I have a chance to get the ball rolling again. Before we can start with treatments again we need insurance that will cover it, (we are basic basic insurance right now). So until then I am on my own. Which is fine. .... for now (insert evil laugh here).
I am taking this time to get healthy, and reintroducing myself to moi. I am not following really any type of diet I have however set up some rules for myself to follow which is :
1. Read and do something spiritually everyday that draws me closer to Heavenly Father.
2. Do something nice for Megs (my DD), Mark and myself everyday.
3.Exercise everyday...since its a 110 degrees outside daily this will involve wii fit, and swimming, hopefully later I will be confident enough to go to our little gym here in our neighborhood.
4. Reward Reward Reward, For every 10lbs lost I will reward myself with some great!
5. I refuse to deprive myself of foods I truly enjoy, so I will just find healthier recipes for the things I love and portion size everything.
6. keep a journal to keep my accountable, this is where the blog comes in. I am keeping myself accountable by writing my thoughts and feelings plus this help keep the emotions at bay.
I think that this is it for right now but there will be more to come as I go since this is my own "diet".
Here is my challenge to you, if you would like to join me maybe we can start a little group, who knows if there is enough I am willing to do a contest.... what do you think?