Weight Loss Goals week by week

Week one!
Goal's For the week of: 19th-26th of Febuary

19th: Make a Journal to write what you eat and all your feelings you can't post about.Then take a before picture Then show off your journal on your blog

20th: Make a meal plan for the following week

21st: Take a day of spritual rest and post your favorite scripture and uplifting qoute

22nd: Write a post about what you like about yourself

23rd: Make an excerise plan that you think you can stick to for one week.

24th: Find something that makes you Laugh and post is!

25th: Find a dessert that is healthy; make it and share it via post

26th write goals for next week; write a post how you did this week

Goal's For the week of Febuary1st-7th


Make a meal plan and grocery list for the week


Take a walk and enjoy nature with your family post about it


Do something nice for you and blog about it.


Find something that motivates you make a collage and post it


Do something nice for your hubby and post about it


Find something that makes you laugh and post about


Find an inspiring quote or scripture post it

Goals For March 8th -13th
Monday: Make a menu for the week .

Tuesday: Find a dream outfit that you always wanted to wear and post it.

Wednesday: Find something that makes you laugh and post about it

Thursday: Do something nice for you and post about it.

Friday: Do something outside with your family post it

Saturday: Find the funny things in life and post 5 funny things about you

Sunday: Find an inspiring song and post it.