Monday, May 4, 2009

So I went to the doctor on Friday. He said that my Endo is back. Lovely! All I can think is more cycles just what my body needs. So this round I am back on clomid and fermera together. I am taking 100mg and 5 mg of the other. I can feel this time around, I have been so emotional lately, I feel so bad for those around me. I did find out some new information that I wished I would have known three cycle ago! Basically because I was on lupron for 6weeks it shut down my system and acted as though I was going through menopause. (this I knew) What I didn't know was it can take up to four cycles to get your body going again. This information would have saved me so much emotional energy!
The other big shock of the day, he was the most hopeful then ever on this visited. Which I kinda have to admit is freaking me out! Usually he always has a disclaimer so I am not to hopeful not this time though. I am so unsure how I am feeling right now. If this cycle doesn't work then I will be going on lupron again.

So here is the other kinda exciting husband keeps bringing up adoption. We had talked about this option before we were married and were always opened to it, later in life. Life as many know can give you twist and this might be an option. His work will give us 5000 dollars towards the adoption and if went through the church it would pretty much cover it all. So I think we are going to start this process after we buy a house.

There is ALWAYS Something to look forward towards......