Friday, April 24, 2009

I don't know why I didn't or haven't updated this blog in awhile. I guess it is because of heartbreak I just couldn't bear to write it down. I finally got to take my HCG shot for the first time and you know what? I didn't even ovulate! It made me so mad to know that this shot was worthless to my body. The Doc told me that by body does not respond to synthetic HCG so I have to by the real stuff. Who knows how much that will cost me.
The sad thing is both times I was convinced that I was preggers. My daughter has been asking for a baby brother, now that all of her friends have one. It breaks my heart to not know when this will happen for her. I keep telling her that Heavenly Father is going to help us, but to a three year old it must seem like eternity!
So the doc found another cyst last month and I had to go on Birth Control, maybe this is a god thing. I have been healthier this time around and even lost some weight hopefully this will all contribute to success. I have also been taking my pre-Natal's, Cinnamon pills and red raspberry pills. I hear those can really help when you ttc. So any way that is my fertility update. I am confidante that it will turn around soon.
Love you all and good luck


Saw this on another blog and thought that I would share.