Monday, June 14, 2010


Well, this month I have been kinda nervous to post my pics because I can't tell big difference. But thanks to my hubby who showed me the difference I think I will be brave. Can you see my collar bones? That is is super exciting and I have more of a waist aka I got my ribs back. Sweet! Well let me know what you think here they are!

Quote of the day:
"Life often feels like a great pile of obligations, frustrations, and disappointments. But the Lord is there, always the same, His arms still outstretched. When we feel overwhelmed, we have to remember the peace He has spoken to us on previous occasions. His peace brings comfort and strength; the world cannot give that to us."

Kathleen H. Hughes, "Remembering the Lord's Love, Ensign," Nov. 2006, 111-12


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