Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Without realizing it... a boring update.

Well I am back from another road trip. I am now done with my summer travel. I am kinda relived. It was so much fun to see everyone but I kinda neglected my body. No work outs I even forgot my Maca Root for 2 week and a day. The only upside to this? Without realizing it I put on a size 12 it has been years since I could fit into a size 12 and I am now half way to my goal of being in a size 6 by my birthday. So that is exciting. Nothing really exciting, I ran out of ovulation test I ended up having 8 positive test, which really made my year in reality. Thanks to my fertility AF is suppose to show up in 5 days so if she comes I will only be kinda sad since I still had something new happen. Sorry this isn’t really exciting post I wish I was clever and had something funny to say but I can’t find anything funny right now about my boring blissful life.

Love you all !


Quote of the day:

“Life often feels like a great pile of obligations, frustrations, and disappointments. But the Lord is there, always the same, His arms still outstretched. When we feel overwhelmed, we have to remember the peace He has spoken to us on previous occasions. His peace brings comfort and strength; the world cannot give that to us."

Kathleen H. Hughes, "Remembering the Lord's Love, Ensign," Nov. 2006, 111-12

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